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Served with the USAF at Bien Hoa AB RVN for 1 1/2 years from 18Jun69 to 17Dec70. During this time I was assigned to Detachment 6 600th Photo Sq. where I worked the flight line servicing the camera systems that were employed by all aircraft. After Vietnam I went to Norton AFB and served the rest of my USAF enlistment at Hq. AAVS to complete my 4 years active duty, I went to work for Mobil Oil Corp (33 years) and served with TXANG (Tex Air National Guard 12 years). Now retired and live in Galveston, Tx.. Hobbies: Flying, Sailing, Photography, Motorcycles ( 4 Harley's), Amateur Radio ( WB5VDC Extra Class), computers, & my 2nd Amendment Right,


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B-52’s @ Bien Hoa AB

Does anyone remember the day three B-52’s (#616 –  #697 – #692) landed at Bien Hoa AB.  One of our 600th Photo Sq. photographers (Randy Cunningham), went inside the cockpit and took some B&W photos.  I will post them when I get them scanned.  I have just now after 40+ years found the slides that I took of the B-52’s, which were sitting on the runways because they were so big that was the only place they could park.  Runway 27L – 09R was shut down (for three day if I remember correctly), in order to provide them parking space.  I don’t remember the details but they were there because of mechanical problems.  Once they were repaired they left.  First and last time of my 1 1/2 year tour in Vietnam at Bien Hoa AB that B-52’s landed at Bien Hoa AB.  Below is a photo of the #616 B-52.  I will post the others when I get time to scan them.

 NOTE: These slides were all taken in the early morning which is  why they have a red tint.  I have adjusted them to try to make them more visible.  We in the 600th Photo Sq. did not have access to Kodachrome film, due to it having to be sent out for processing, whereas for the Ektachrome (which we used- grainy & bad color properties ) we could do the processing in our own labs. The second slide shows this early morning redness and makes it hard to see the three B-52’s.  In the far left of the slide you can just see a tail, then right of that you can see another B-52, then on the right edge of the slide you can see the third B-52’s fuselage and wings.


B-52 #616 sitting on runway 27L - 09R at Bien Hoa AB.

B-52 #616 sitting on runway 27L – 09R at Bien Hoa AB. ’70


3 B-52's (#616 - #627 - #697) parked on Runway 27L - 09R at Bien Hoa  AB '70

3 B-52’s (#616 – #627 – #697) parked on Runway 27L – 09R at Bien Hoa AB ’70



Added slide photos to A-26A/B-26K Gallery

Today I have added 8 of my slide photos to the A-26A/B-26K Gallery.  From my research it seems that this aircraft was part of the Farm Gate program that was used to transfer aircraft to Vietnam.  These aircraft were flown by American pilots in support of the VNAF.  They were remanufactured by “On Mark Engineering”:  and the wingspars were strengthened.  Even after the mods the plane could not stand the stress and pilots were pulling the wings off, which of course meant loss of aircraft and pilots and the remaining aircraft were grounded.

Farm Gate Wikipedia link:

The A-26A/B-26K Counter Invaders were flown by American 603d Air Commandos … call sign “Nimrods”

Nimrods Link:

This particular A-26A/B-26K was originally built in 1944 as SN# 44-34108 and was remanufactured by “On Mark Engineering” as SN# 64-17677.  The Tail Code was:  TA 677.  This series of B&W photos and Color slides were taken by me at Bien Hoa AB RVN in 1969.


A-26A/B-26K  TA-677. "On Mark Engineering" remanufactured SN# 64-17677 original SN# 44-34108 at Bien Hoa AB '69.  Part of FARM GATE.

A-26A/B-26K TA-677. “On Mark Engineering” remanufactured SN# 64-17677 original SN# 44-34108 at Bien Hoa AB ’69. Part of FARM GATE.


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Agent Orange: Oslo Paper 2006

The “Oslo Paper 2006” has been placed in the ‘Forum: Agent Orange’: under the ‘Topic: Oslo Paper 2006’.

Excerpt: Bien Hoa:

Military installations throughout southern Viet Nam (e.g., Bien Hoa, Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Phu Cat) served as bulk storage and supply facilities for Agent Orange.14-16  Herbicides are known to have been spilled at these sites.  In 1970, for example, a 7,500 US gallon spill of Agent Orange occurred on the Bien Hoa base; between January and March 1970, three other spills of lesser volume occurred at Bien Hoa.




The purpose of this Website is to be an INCLUSIVE (for Vietnam Vets) site.  It is to represent ALL who served at Bien Hoa AB RVN during the Vietnam War.  This includes ALL branches of service.  This is an EXCLUSIVE site, in that it is Closed to non-Vietnam Vets as far as, Registering, Posting and Downloading.

This is a place to tell your story,  find and renew old friendships,  preserve History,  a place of Remembrance for us  and a place to Remember and Honor our fallen brothers.

The adage that came out of the war;  ”ALL  GAVE  SOME  –  SOME  GAVE  ALL”  is a very poignant statement that ‘was’ and ‘is’  still applicable today.

In other words:  PURPOSE:lest we forget


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