ABOUT: Statement of Purpose


The purpose of this Website is to be an INCLUSIVE (for Vietnam Vets) site.  It is to represent ALL who served at Bien Hoa AB RVN during the Vietnam War.  This includes ALL branches of service.  This is an EXCLUSIVE site, in that it is Closed to non-Vietnam Vets as far as, Registering, Posting and Downloading.

This is a place to tell your story,  find and renew old friendships,  preserve OUR History,  a place of Remembrance for us  and  a place to Remember and Honor our fallen brothers.

The adage that came out of the war;  “ALL  GAVE  SOME  –  SOME  GAVE  ALL”  is a very poignant statement that ‘was’ and ‘is’  still applicable today.

In other words:  PURPOSE:lest we forget