Cessna O-1G Birddog 51-12134

I received the following e-mail and photos from Matt Henderson about Cessna O-1G Birddog 51-12134 which served with the 504th/19th TASS  at Bien Hoa AB.  If anyone has any info about this aircraft please post a REPLAY using the link at bottom

From: Matt Henderson
Date: May 14, 2015 at 19:12:16 CDT
To: bhabassoc@gmail.com
Subject: Cessna O-1G Birddog 51-12134 504th/19th TASS Bien Hoa

My name is Matt Henderson and I’ve recently become the owner of ex-USAF Cessna O-1G Birddog 51-12134 which I understand served with the 504th/19th TASS at Bien Hoa.

This aircraft, along with a number of other O-1’s and A36’s was recovered from Vietnam in 1989 by a group of Australians. It was then purchased and painstakingly restored over 17 years by a good friend of mine Lindsay McKee who served with 2SQN RAAF in Vietnam as a RADTECH on Canberra bombers.

I came across your site while researching and I’m hoping to find photos of the aircraft, people who may have flown it, worked on it. Would you mind posting this information / request on your site in the hope that someone may assist.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a couple of recent photos of the aircraft as there may be folks interested in seeing where the aircraft ended up and that it’s still actively flying.

Thanks in advance.


image image



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