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    Added audio files which were recorded by James F. Gerritz for me in ’69 from Audio files which were on reel to reel tapes in the Audio Library of Bien Hoa AB. The names of the files are listed below. Available only to Members who Served at Bien Hoa AB!


    • AFVN: Gabby AF584
    • Ballad of The Green Brassiere
    • Battle of Ah-Shau
    • Stand To Your Glasses
    • FAC – The Unsung Hero
    • Speak43
    • Beers of Vietnam: Ba Moui Ba –  Beer La Rue
    • Trash Dumpers
    • Take These Wings From My Chest
    • As We Came Around and Tried To Get Some More
    • Strafe The Town and Kill The People
    • Caribou
    • F-4C Pilot Interview
    • Bien Hoa AB Rocket Attack ’69


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    roy titus
    roy titus

    the Audio of the Rocket Attack in 69 do you know when this tape was done. I also made a few tapes of Rocket Attacks but they were lost in the shuffles of PCS’s Also had a tape of an interview of a F-4 fighter Pilot but also long gone. After Leaving Nam and heading home and making walks back in my hometown in New Jersey. Passing the Firehouse and walking toward the Lake when the First Aid Siren goes off and it just sounded like those incoming sirens. Well first reaction dove over the hedges on someones lawn took me a few moments to realise Im home but just a normal reaction. It took me awhile to overcome these reactions. But listening to it just a bit ago still sent chills up the old spine and remembering Bunker Checks and finding glass, nails and razor blades from VC sympathizers who worked on base.

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      Roy, I do not remember the date of the ’69 rocket attack. I was very bad at that time, 45 years ago & 19 years old, with record keeping. I’m lucky just keeping track of all the things that I had collected in my 1 1/2 years at Bien Hoa AB.

      I have the F-4 interview also but thought it was to garbled to put on the website. I have others also that I did not put online due to the extreme lyrics. I debated with myself a long time before putting (Strafe the town… & As we came around…) on-line! Maybe someday I will post the others that I have.

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    roy titus
    roy titus

    Thanks buddy for that tape on the interview your right many years have past and audio tapes do get worn out but still good to here most of the segments.

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