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    Hello everyone.

    My name is Wavelen Fielder and I served at Bien Hoa for 1 1/2 years from 18Jun69 – 17Dec70 with Detachment 6 600th Photo Sq. We operated out of the trailer complex just North of the ‘6251st Hospital/Dispensary and East of the Motor Pool (I think the 3rd Transportation Sq.) See photo below.

    We had two barracks when I arrived In-Country in ’69. One was BKS #3189 on the NEW (East) side of the base and the other one was located on the OLD (West) side (VNAF) part of the base in an American barracks compound, BKS #240, which was just West of the Old BX – NCO Club area. When I say old BX , I mean relative to the East side BX which was built close to the middle of my tour (mid ’70′s). I was trying to remember what time frame the New BX-Theater-Post Office, were built. It was at the same time that the New Hq. building for the 3rd TFW – 23rd VNAF Wing was built.




    Well, enough for now. This is just to try to get something started. Any thoughts?

    Wavelen W. Fielder
    Det. 6 600th PS
    Bien Hoa AB RVN
    AFSC: 40250
    18 Jun 69 – 17 Dec 70

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    Tried to download your maps of Bien Hoa. Tells me my password is wrong. WordPress just sent it to me. Any suggestions?

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      John, I have replied to your post in an email.

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    Paul Schoen


    At that time, Jun-Oct ’70 I was TSgt Paul Schoen (aerial Photo). I transferred up from 600 PS HQ at TSN.
    I remember when we lost our chillers and I had to send people down to TSN to process film on the night shift. I would fly a mission with the Psychological Warfare Sqdn, in an O-2 and ferry the day’s work product back and forth. Lots of fun flying in and out of TSN in a “Bullshit Bomber” every day.

    I am going into surgery for our old buddy, Prostate Cancer next week. I have children older than the surgeon who is going to play with robots in me.

    I would love to refresh memories and contacts.


    Paul L. Schoen, SMSgt (Retired) USAF
    719-597-4962 (H)
    2575 Brady Dr.
    Colorado Skprings, CO 80917

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      Hello Paul,

      Nice to meet you again (I was in the 600th at Bien Hoa from 18Jun69-17Dec70).
      I also flew PSYOPS in O-2B’s with the 9th SOS I think it was (in my spare time), until they stopped the program that allowed us to fly as observers, tape operator and pamphlet droppers. Their NEW Commander used the excuse (that we were not altitude certified) to cancel the program. Hahaha! We flew at 3,000 – 5,000ft in an O-2 and were not altitude certified. WOW! That was a laugh!

      I wish you well on your surgery and will pray for your successful recovery. I went through heart surgery 1 1/2 years ago (triple by-pass) and am still in recovery mode! LOL. Old age is a terrible thing.

      Paul, I remember the name but cannot put a face with it. Maybe we can communicate about other personnel who served with us. Enough for now and get well soon.

      Wavelen Wayne Fielder

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    Joseph Moore
    Joseph Moore

    Joseph “Joe” Moore, from Georgia, arrived Bien Hoa 17 July 1968, left 13 July 1969. I was admin clerk in 3rd Services Squadron Orderly Room, Jul 68-Jan 69; then billeting clerk at Base Billeting Office/VOQ, Feb-Jul 69. Lived the whole year in the West Cantonement Area, Hut 351, “Animal Den.”

    There was a US Army hut next to ours; would probably have been Hut #350 or #352. I was told it belonged to an Army communications unit. Would like to identify the unit, if possible. Anyone who knows, please contact me.

    Would also like to locate SSgt Bill Jacobs, OL-20, 1968-69. Think he was from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Anybody who knew him then or knows him now, please contact me.

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