NOTE: These PDF Documents are NO longer available. They have been REMOVED / DELETED due to HACKERS attacking this site! The Front Page of each of the documents that were available, are now shown as photos only.


Research Guide to CHECO Reports of Southeast Asia (1961-1975)_


CHECO SEA Report #55 - Summaries of Published CHECO Reports


CHECO - 7AF Local Base Defence Operations (jul65 - Dec68)_large_F031100071198


CHECO - Local Base Defence in RVN (Jan69 - Jun71)_F031100071285


CHECO - Control of Air Strikes in SEA (1961 - 1966) _13550108001


CHECO - The Air War in Vietnam (1968-1969)_168300010911


CHECO - OV-10 Operations in SEAsia (15Sep69)_0390136001


CHECO - USAF Tactical Reconnaissance in Southeast Asia (Jul69 - Jun71)_0390214001_0390214001 -


CHECO - Combat Skyspot


Pages from Project CHECO Southeast Asia Report #50 - Buffalo Hunter 1970 - 1972 (U) - [24 Jul 1973] (52 pages)


Lessons Learned NO. 71 Countermeasures Against Standoff Attacks (5May69)_168300010712_Page_01