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I would like to start a List of Units/Organizations, which were tenants on Bien Hoa AB RVN.  If anyone can remember any let me know and I will add them to the list I have started, which can be found in the FORUM  “Units/Organizations” under TOPIC “Units/Organizations List”.  Any input would be helpful.

Link to Unit/Organization List:   http://www.bhabassoc.org/?topic=unitorganization-list



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Served with the USAF at Bien Hoa AB RVN for 1 1/2 years from 18Jun69 to 17Dec70. During this time I was assigned to Detachment 6 600th Photo Sq. where I worked the flight line servicing the camera systems that were employed by all aircraft. After Vietnam I went to Norton AFB and served the rest of my USAF enlistment at Hq. AAVS to complete my 4 years active duty, I went to work for Mobil Oil Corp (33 years) and served with TXANG (Tex Air National Guard 12 years). Now retired and live in Galveston, Tx.. Hobbies: Flying, Sailing, Photography, Motorcycles ( 4 Harley's), Amateur Radio ( WB5VDC Extra Class), computers, & my 2nd Amendment Right,


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  1. This is gunnerbarn. I got to Bien Hoa Aug ’67 with the 604th ACS (Combat Dragon) A-37A, and left Aug ’68 still assigned to the 604th ACS. Everyone else left in July. We went thru TET ’68 and got beat up a little but made a fast recovery. I remember at the tail end of my tour, there was an A-37B squadron came in. I think they were known as RAPS. Because we came over as a Squadron, most people left when their tour was up. I made a promise to myself I would never stand on this ground again, no way, never. I went back to Bien Hoa in ’72 flying as a gunner on the AC119K Stinger gunships in support of An Loc. I really hated that place.

    • Hey gunner,

      Thanks for checking in. The 8th ACS then SOS was the other A-37 group. I worked the flight line and serviced camera systems on all 3rd TFW aircraft.

      If you have anything to add to any TOPIC please jump in with any info you might remember. Also if you want to start another TOPIC about another subject feel free to do so.

      We are looking for info about Bien Hoa AB that anyone has to share. We all had different duties and different experiences with different areas of the base. Any info about Buildings, Building #’s ….. would be greatly appreciated. Contribute as much or as little as you want.

      Just glad to have you check in!


      • This is gunnerbarn. My first tour in Nam was Aug ’67-Aug ’68 at good old Bien Hoa. I was with the 604th ACS. The F-100 pilots flying their last mission would do a high speed roll over the runway before landing. Sometime in ’68 I saw an F-100 start into his roll when a wing broke off and the aircraft blew up. Does anyone remember that? It was a sad day for everyone.

  2. first got to Bien Hoa in 1968, july and was assigned to the 604th ACS (Air Commando Squadron) (Raps). We were a tenet unit to the 3rd. TFW. After a short while, not sure when exactly, we came under the 3rd Wing and the unit ws redesigned the 604th SOS (Special Operations Squadron). About around April ’69 our squadron maintenance guys were split up and sent to other fighter squadrons. I went to the 510th TFS (Buzzards). They spit us up because we when the orignal outfit and personnel deployed to VN, my second group of maintainers had a hard time getting the hang of things on this new bird we cared for. A lot of corporate knowledge was lost. The Wing didn’t want that to happen again when we left.

    Hope this helps some.

    Larry Stolk, Crew Chief

    • Thanks for the info Larry. I was not aware of that event (splitting up the maintenance personnel), of the 604th. Did you get your password straightened out? It should be under profile. Let me know if you cannot change it.

      • I got to Bien Hoa on July 30th ’68 and left the first week of August ’69.

        Yes I finally figured out how to change my password and access my profile. Thanks.

        When the 604th first came to VN they ended up rotating the troops back to the states during a one month period. When us new guys got there, no one was left to ask historical data on the birds. Our FMC rate was very crappy the first month or so until we started to get the hang of those little dragons!!!

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