West Side USAF Housing

There is a Topic on the FORUM under The Building #’s which has an aerial view of the USAF West Side housing area.  Maybe you  will recognize your barracks.  If you do and remember the Building #, reply under the topic so we can update the location and Organization List.

I have included the photo below with a link to the proper FORUM:


Grabbed Frame 90e



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Served with the USAF at Bien Hoa AB RVN for 1 1/2 years from 18Jun69 to 17Dec70. During this time I was assigned to Detachment 6 600th Photo Sq. where I worked the flight line servicing the camera systems that were employed by all aircraft. After Vietnam I went to Norton AFB and served the rest of my USAF enlistment at Hq. AAVS to complete my 4 years active duty, I went to work for Mobil Oil Corp (33 years) and served with TXANG (Tex Air National Guard 12 years). Now retired and live in Galveston, Tx.. Hobbies: Flying, Sailing, Photography, Motorcycles ( 4 Harley's), Amateur Radio ( WB5VDC Extra Class), computers, & my 2nd Amendment Right,


West Side USAF Housing — 11 Comments

  1. Good air photo of East Side! If it could be lightened up a little, would be even better. I finally figured out how to number buildings in photos once I get them into MS Office 10, and can enhance photos as well as apply numbers to buildings.

    Can anybody point out the (1) Liquid Oxygen tank, and (2) the big IBM computer? I visited the computer once, in a big metal shell of a cover. The civilian in charge of it was a friend of mine; he lived in the Officers’ Quarters over on the West Side. VC was always trying to take out the oxy tank.

    • Joe, I have sent an email to the WebMaster of the A-37.org site to try to get permission to use that photo on this site but have not had any response. Do you or Fred Long have any contacts at the A-37 Org?

      Sorry I have no info on the Liq. Oxy. tank or the computer system

  2. I was stationed at Bien Hoa from July ’68 to Aug. ’69 and my mind must be playing tricks on me. This photo makes no sense to me. I was in the 604th and our barracks were just across the street from the Airmen’s Club. Just exactly where are these barracks located???

  3. Joe, your guess is better than mine. To me all of the buildings look new in the video frame. When I got there in mid ’69 the barracks were showing their wear. I wish I had of had the foresight to take photos of the base instead of taking 5,000 pic of aircraft.

    • Wavelen, I think the photo was taken probably in 1966 and maybe even in 1965. From new evidence, the bunker that was hit on 28 Feb 1968 during Tet, killing 12 men, was diagonally across a back street from the rear of the Base Theater. The theater had streets on both its front (south) and back (north) sides, and a paved walkway along its west side (maybe east side, too, but I don’t remember about that). The bunker in question was not in this aerial photo, so was built after the photo was taken. There are a couple of photos taken in 1967 and the bunker was there by then, that is, by the last of 1967.

      I plan to post an item on the bunker hit when I get some final questions answered.

      • Not sure of those dates. When I first got to the base (July 1968) I was shanghaied into the 12th SOS (Ranch Hands). I was assigned to a Quonset hut on the east side of the base. I am looking hard and see no huts in this photo!?!? Maybe they are just outside of the view.

        Don’t remember much about that side of the base, except for the BX area.

        • Larry,

          Do you remember the ramp areas on the flight line, designated as Ramp A, Ramp B, Ramp C, Ramp D? Can you tell me where each one was, or any of them?


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